SKARE is a modern meat processing company with head office in Vejen, Denmark. SKARE was founded on 13 March 1972 and today the SKARE Group employs 700 people.

High and uniform quality has always been the primary concept for SKARE, a company engaged exclusively in the cutting and processing of selected beef and veal. The choicest cuts are sent to hotels, restaurants and caterers, and to retail chains, supermarkets and butchers.

SKARE has an annual turnover of around EUR 230 mill. About 70% of production is exported to countries in Europe and the Far and Middle East. SKARE has branches and abattoirs in a number of other European countries. The concern has four branches in Spain, one in France, an abattoir in Germany, an abattoir in Denmark, Skare Beef in Aarhus as well as a company (SKARE FOOD, Christiansfeld) producing high quality sausages and delicatessen products.

On March the 5th 1986 Skare received King Frederik IX's award for excellence in export. The award is awarded once a year to companies which have shown a particular outstanding effort to promote and develop the export of Danish goods and services.

I his speech to the award recipients His Royal Highness Prince Henrik emphasised the severe competition on the export markets, which made great demands not only to the professional effort of the companies, but also to the physical and psychological strength of the individual employee.

In 2002 the Vejen Trade Council awarded Skare Meat Packers K/S the Vejen Commercial Prize. The prize is awarded on the basis of a list of company candidates recommended by the citizens of Vejen Municipality.

"The prize is awarded as appreciation for a special effort which has resulted in a positive development for the company or for the trades and industries of Vejen Municipality in general".

The mayor of Vejen Regnar Busk (left) presented Director Kurt Skare with the Vejen Commercial Prize in connection with the company's 30th anniversary.

On the 10. June 2010 the SKARE Group was awarded with the Quality and Innovation Award 2010 by "Dansk Fødevareforum".

"This award is given to a company within the food industry, who in an exceptional way has shown innovation and quality."

The award is given on the basis of an evaluation, made by a committee of judges - consisting of 5 people from the food industry, organizations as well as a professor, respectively.

The Chairman of "Dansk Fødevareforum", Charles Kastberg Christensen (to the right) presents the owner/leader of the SKARE Group Kurt Skare with the award.

In order to comply with the continuing expansion of the SKARE Group we completed an extension of the existing changing rooms and canteen in Vejen in the autumn of 2009 as well as we established a physiotherapy and body care room, fitness room, dialogue facilities, meeting rooms etc. - among other things with a view to raising the working environment.

The extension is approx 1,800 m², spread on three floors. The total for the project was approx DKK 23 million.