Certified quality assurance
Certified quality assurance, scope
- Reciving inspection
- Production control
- Finished goods control
- Cleaning
- Personal hygiene

The quality objective of SKARE is to develop, produce and supply beef and veal of high, uniform quality while maintaining the very highest hygienic standards. The purpose of this objective is to ensure the fulfilment of customer requirements through perception of the company in terms of quality, hygiene and food standards.

Customers' expectations, requirements and wishes change all the time, however. This imposes great demands on our company, but does promote motivation and responsibility on the part of every employee.

The achievement of our objective rests on our responsibility in ensuring

  • That the customer sees SKARE as a highly motivated, expert supplier and cooperation partner.

  • That we adhere to agreements with our customers and in so doing supply products in accordance with agreed specifications, at the right place and time.

  • That all suppliers meet agreed specifications.

  • That the individual production processes are organised to give faultless products - the quality system being designed to prevent the occurrence and repetition of faults.